The last post?! (For class at least, I’ll still use this blog for other posts…)

Sheila M. Torres 801-06-8404 May 2012 My Life as an English Major             Being an English Major could translate into almost anything. An English Major can go into teaching with some training or one can go into creative writing and with some minor extra training, you could probably do some serious editor work, blogging or … Continue reading The last post?! (For class at least, I’ll still use this blog for other posts…)

Hommage to Moi

Born on June 30th 1988, I was always destined to leave the island and do something greater...or at least explore the world. I would get lost at Disneyland when I was three years old and separate from my family at any given moment on vacations to just roam around freely and explore. It was no wonder … Continue reading Hommage to Moi

Further insight as to Teaching in Korea

I'd embed videos onto this but sadly, it's been acting funny so here are some videos by two people I admire very much and were my inspiration to go to Korea to teach, Simon and Martina! I chose these visuals because I've been watching these people since 2009-2010, can't remember exactly when. They've … Continue reading Further insight as to Teaching in Korea

Pet Peeves

I have a couple of pet peeves that piss people off. I tend to bite my fingernails and lips when I'm really nervous or anxious. It pisses off my mom and my boyfriend a lot. My boyfriend tends to take my hands away from my mouth when he sees me fidgeting with them to stop … Continue reading Pet Peeves

Editorial Time

Editorial Board Title of Articla: A Drean Act Without the Dream What is the issue the author is addressing? The author is talking about a new project in the issue immigration. They're trying to legalize immigrants but without the option of being US citizens. What is the position/opinion of the author on the issue? He's … Continue reading Editorial Time

Super Junior

I didn't find Asian men attractive at all. Okay, I found Gackt and Hyde attractive but that was namely it. I didn't see much appeal in them. I listened to Japanese boy bands but something was missing. It wasn't like *Nysnc or BSB that there was a physical pull aside from the music. Super Junior … Continue reading Super Junior