Me at my first WWE Live event!

I’m a quirky person who happens to love video games. I love Kpop and Jpop and have a very big imagination. Batman and Nightwing are the best. Dancer. Writer. Dreamer. NFL Fan that wears Black and Gold. Super Junior is my favorite group ever. Henry biased. Also a fan of WWE.

Meeting Tink at Disney. (2016)

I’m an aspiring writer who’s publishing a silly little romance novel called ‘Smart Heart’ on Wattpad. I also am an occasional twitch and Mixer streamer.

I don’t really like talking about myself in depth when writing unless its via chat so this will remain pretty empty. I wish I could say more about myself but essentially the first sentence just about covers it. ^_^

You can follow me on these social media platforms:
Twitter: @TehMichi
Instagram: tehmichi
twitch: tehmichi
FB: Michi
You can also help me out financially by donating/tipping me at my Ko-fi!


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