Pet Peeves

I have a couple of pet peeves that piss people off. I tend to bite my fingernails and lips when I’m really nervous or anxious. It pisses off my mom and my boyfriend a lot. My boyfriend tends to take my hands away from my mouth when he sees me fidgeting with them to stop me from biting them.

I don’t really do it on purpose, I just do it as a nervous habit. I’m aware I’m doing it but I’m not at the same time. I’m just bitting my nails when I bite my nails, no real thought goes into this habit.

If it meant that I could co-exist with someone peacefully and it’s a do or die thing. It’d be a slow progress but I could try to manage it. I’ve been slowly cutting down on the biting lately and hopefully it’ll be gone altogether soon…I hope.

Now when it comes to other people’s pet peeves, there’s one that tops all the rest. It’s really hard to explain it but it’s one thing that always frustrates me. I hate it, I despise it, when someone thinks they’re the best at something (in my case dancing) but it turns out they’re not…they just suck at it. Or just need a lot more work than they think they don’t.

I’ve had a small problem with a group of people for the past few months. Some of my friends call me a masochist because I just like to watch them do this but it’s just annoying how they say that they’re the best and that they’re really good and that talent scouts would snatch them up due to how awesome they are… I just can’t. I keep my mouth shut and tell them they can improve but they tell me to stick my helpful tips up my bum. If there was real merit to their words, I’d suck it up and acknowledge and move on…there isn’t so I won’t. You be the judge…

THIS is how the dance is supposed to be performed, as done by Miss A themsevles:

THIS is how one of them does it:

And THIS…well it’s just a parody by a male group in the same company…

Ignoring that last one, can you see for just a bit, why that pisses me off!?


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