[Really rough finished draft] Editorial: The limits of fandom.

Fans aren’t all crazy. A lot of them seem that way and people tend to generalize on that mass population of crazies. There are limits to fandoms and most people need to realize when they’ve taken their fan love from normal to far beyond the length of crazy. Fans come in all shapes in sizes. Some are older than you’d expect but others fit the margin that’s expected of the target celebrity. Now most of these artists or groups have their normal fans, those who are die hard and the crazies. Each of these groups has their own stage and one needs to be careful to not reach the bridge of the last one.

The first group of fan is the ‘normal’ one. Those who like the artist or group and support them come what may. They’re mostly a part of the set or preempted demographic of this celebrity. Casual fans are also mixed into this demographic. They just scratch the surface of whatever it is and just continue on with their lives.

Second group of fans are the die hard fans. These are the fans that do their hardest to go to every single event and try to go and see them as much as possible. These are the fans that join social networking sites just to get closer to these people.  They do a lot for their heroes but even then they have limits. Some of these fans are well aware of these limits but others forget all about them and end up crossing the bridge to the third degree…the real crazies.

The third level of fandom is the scariest one of them all. Not really for the fan itself, but for the artist. This is is now stalker level. Stalkers that endanger the lives of these celebrities. They invade their homes, search for their deepest secrets on the web, follow them home, follow them to their photoshoots, never giving them a time to breathe.

Now there’s a deeper division onto the third level of fandom. There’s the international standard of crazy and then there’s the Kpop crazy. These are the fans that people really need to watch out for and are offended to be mistaken for. These Kpop crazies even pose as children or grandchildren of building residents just to sneak into an idol’s apartment.

This is far beyond the limits of being a fan. This is just insane. It’s ridiculous! These people don’t even see the damage they cause their precious idols! These celebrities feel harrassed, exposed and completely naked with these fans. They should be stopped.

In many parts of the world, there are laws to stop this from happening or to limit this. In Korea, it seems almost unheard off. These crowds of fans amass at the residences, camp outside the photo and Tv show studios for just a glimpse of seeing this person walk into the place!

International fans feel embarrassed when they’re amassed with this bunch. Every fan has their degree of crazy, but people don’t seem to understand the limits of these types of crazy. They should witness the biggest degree of fandom and see how it breaks the limits of normalcy. That not everyone is like that, in fact, the population that crosses over to the third bridge of fandom is a minor percentage of the real fan count.

These crazies need to be limited and one needs to also realize their own limits when being a fan. It’s not just about this big celebrity that you like, it’s also about them appreciating you back because of the support you give them. They can’t appreciate you if you keep breaking into their appartment to take their stuff, they’ll just be more terrified of you and wonder why you’re doing what you’re doing. Think of that. Would you like your idol to be terrified of you? Or would you rather have him be thankful and appreciative of your support?

3 thoughts on “[Really rough finished draft] Editorial: The limits of fandom.

  1. Content:
    An editorial that critizes, it seems. I would have liked to see some references being made (links and whatnot), but it’s a draft! Also, you seem to jump from describing the types of fan to a certain kind the “kpop” ones and might confuse the reader. Expose what types you are going to write early on and make it more clear.

    “shapes in sizes”, seems like you made a typo, and*.
    “group of fan”, fan goes in plural like if you write group of dogs.

  2. The interesting thing about your editorial is that you describes what “fandom” means in different levels. You criticize the upper levels of “fandom” using your perspective and logic reason. The content is very clear and I can see you have intro, body and conclusion. I could see your passion but your missing the references of your work and that is important for your final work.


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