Daily Prompt – 3/17/23

What activities do you lose yourself in?

This prompt inspired me, so let’s talk about it.

I’ve mentioned this multiple times, I’ve been a writer for years. Putting pen to paper and letting my thoughts run free has been one of my favorite pastimes since elementary school when my English teacher would ask us to keep journals.

Once I started writing short stories with vocabulary words, it spiraled from there. I love immersing myself when I’m journaling or writing in general. It’s a great way to turn off the outside world and only focus on one thing. With the recent health issues my father has been facing, I’ve still been able to journal. If I have the extra time and the supplies to do so? Full-out decorative spreads with sticky notes, stickers, and washi tape.

The right book will also do that for me. I’ve been very immersed in New Adult, and I’m currently tackling a few books at once because, much like my gaming, I’m a mood reader. It’s great to get lost in a lot of these worlds, and I’m very thankful that I crushed my reading goals last year after picking up reading again in 2021. I’ve been a little behind because of everything going on, but I’m positive I’ll start catching up.

Gaming is another big one. Not so much when I’m playing PvP but definitely on those very big, story-rich games. I have not pre-ordered the new Legend of Zelda game coming out in May, but it’s on my to-do list. The new Destiny 2 expansion is also on the list but I probably should finish all my Picross games. I’m almost done with Picross S2 and I was about halfway through Picross S3. I’m eager to get to the color puzzles in the later games, and I have high hopes for a 3D game on the Switch or a rerelease of the Pokémon or Twilight Princess ones.

And lastly, an honorable mention, while I haven’t done this as much in recent years due to lack of practice, dancing is also another thing I get completely lost in when everything is right. Learning a new choreography or performing one that is complete muscle memory at this point like an old friend is very satisfying.

Thanks so much for reading and see you all in the next post.


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