English Major(More than Just a Bookworm)

I finally chose an English major after debating it for two(three) years because I just love to read. I’m a huge bookworm. I love to write a lot too. Which would explain the few blogs I’ve had here and there aside from the supplemental blogging I’ve done in other places.

The most challengeing thing for me to deal with has been strikes. Sure, I’ve had difficult and impossible professors like that Philosophy one a year ago, but the University’s issues have been the real challenge. The strikes, the almost strikes, the chaos, and the aruging. Not to mention the almost assemblys and what not. It’s been such a frustrating issue to deal with this college but, it’s the one to have some of the best English programs here. I mean…I’ve had to help out students from la Inter and their English hasn’t improved or anything since they started…here I see progress.

Writing and reading is something I will definitely pursue once I graduate in December. I was hoping to graduate this summer but sadly, there aren’t enough classes.

My plans for after graduation is to finally get out of Puerto Rico. I might pursue a master’s degree in a special English College In South Korea but for now I just want to be able to take some time and leave Puerto Rico for a bit.

My dream job? Unknown. I’d love to be an ESL teacher in South Korea but my real dream and passion lie in dancing. That’s a strange mixture though, hasn’t stopped me before. Like I said before, I wouldn’t mind being a teacher in Korea…or Japan. It’s my second dream.

Link number one: http://www.eslteacherrecruiter.com/application-process/

Link number two:http://www.teachaway.com/teach-english-korea/epik-english-program-korea-public-school-jobs-korea/

I feel secure about this choice though my mother seems to object. I really want to do this for more than just the music. I also would like to fully experience the culture aside from lending a hand at teaching English. That’s the main reason I chose this major, to be able to travel the world as an ESL teacher. First Korea and then maybe Japan. I’m sure that that is what I want to do, not work at a clothing store and live with my  mother for the rest of my life.


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