The last post?! (For class at least, I’ll still use this blog for other posts…)

Sheila M. Torres


May 2012

My Life as an English Major

            Being an English Major could translate into almost anything. An English Major can go into teaching with some training or one can go into creative writing and with some minor extra training, you could probably do some serious editor work, blogging or reviewing texts. I’ve always been a bookworm and that’s what got me into this major in the first place. The fact that I could read, write and actually travel with this major to anywhere I wanted to teach the language I’ve immersed myself in.

Simon and Martina, a married couple from Canada have spent almost four years in Korea. They arrived in Korea with English Bachelors and started teaching at Korean public schools, feeling gratification while at the same time bewilderment as they got used to a completely foreign culture. Ever since their humble little start back in 2008, they’ve been growing and going far beyond what they thought they could originally do. They’re making videos and blogging a lot about their life in Korea, far beyond teaching students English and are now teaching people about a whole other culture’s music, traditions, holidays, and locations.

They mention that teaching high school student can be difficult, but they managed to find a middle ground with their students and found their experience teaching to be something very fulfilling. I agree with that because even though I haven’t taught anyone in English, just being able to help out someone who doesn’t understand something is always rewarding.

Conan O’Brien also majored in English. He placed his education first though he managed to crack jokes and pranks on his way out. Once he finished college and wrote his senior thesis, he headed out to Hollywood to write out sketches and making a name for himself. Look at Conan now; he’s got his own show on TBS and keeping people in stitches.

Tommy Lee Jones is someone else who’s got an English Major and has made a name for himself beyond that. Sure, he’s not penning any big books but he’s still a part of an iconic movie and television show. He’s someone I also admire, I don’t think acting will be my thing but it’s still something interesting to pursue as English major.

Dr. Seuss wrote once “The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” I happen to agree with his philosophy, he was one English major that gave people a lot to think about, especially with his children’s books. They all had a deeper meaning that was laying on the surface and who better to write something so profound about life than an English major?

People seem to have this common idea of what English majors are and there are many people who have broken this mold and have become widely successful. Simon and Martina are very popular and have garnered a huge fanbase online aside from having students who appreciated them very much. Conan shows a different side of what an English major can accomplish, much like Tommy Lee Jones. There are many more people, like Reese Witherspoon and the recently graduated James Franco, who also prove that English Majors isn’t something to be ashamed about, it’s something to be proud of. It can open more doors than you’d think.


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