The Path I Didn’t Choose…

When I was a kid, and still now, I’ve always wanted to dance for a living. Music has been my life ever since I was a kid and I used to dance a lot when I was younger too. As I got older, lessons were hard to pay for and mother wasn’t always keen on this idea.

That’s what namely stopped me from pursuing it for a living. I really wanted to keep at it, but it was hard and time consuming to find a place I could take classes in for cheap. My grandmother was supportive of the idea, but mostly as a hobby, not as a carreer. Same with most of my family. Dancing to all of them was basically just a hobby, not something they were passionate about like I was. Not to mention that dancing here isn’t really that inspiring to me. Now if I had the time and money to move out to the states and to try my hand at a carreer there, I would’ve done it a long time ago. I probably would’ve come back with my tail between my legs though.

Now I keep active in it by learning dances off youtube. Granted, it’s not a fancy studio but it’s free and it get’s me going. It keeps my dancing bug satisfied at least.

Job postings as a dancer are namely auditons. Some foreign companies hold auditions and one of them is currently touring the US(PR not included) in hopes of aquiring aspiring dancers.

The visual I’m posting is a video of me and a friend of mine just doing what we love, a dance. A Kpop dance we learned off youtube. Oh, it was shot here in Humanities too.

Man, embedding doesn’t work here. Oh well, click here to look.

As for philosophers and thinkers in this field, one of them is one I’ve known since my teens. Not personally though. His name is Wade Robson, he used to take part in the choreographies that helped shape up my teen and pre-teen years. He worked with Britney Spears, N’Sync and even now with Super Junior in Korea.

This one isn’t so mainstream, but she’s still prominent, she’s especially well known to Kpop fans for dancing with a lot of YG Entertainment acts. I interviewed her personally last year around this time and she was a sweetheart. She told me

“Dancing is like a dream. I never thought it could happen to me. I never thought it would be a career of mine. I thought I would probably have a typical job considering the way I was raised and all. But I went against the grain and look at me now. You can apply that same thought to many more things.”

Thanks to that, I regained a newfound appreciation to my hobby and will keep at it, even if it’s still my plan B. Plan A will take me far but Plan B will always entertain me and remind me of what makes me happy.


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