Story. Of. My. Life. (Plus work)

Much like our teacher posted about an all-nighter, I’d like to post something else that has to do with school/college.

I really liked this caricature because it captures the mentality of all college kids and well, everyone in school. That’s our desperation sometimes.

I don’t think this charicature has a real message except to just shed some humor on the situation and the normal lifestyle of a student. Mine is a lot like that…plus my part time job.

7 thoughts on “Story. Of. My. Life. (Plus work)

  1. I like the cartoon you picked for the assignment. It does show the life of a student. I think that everyone has some weeks just like the cartoon and others more relaxed, at least that is my case.

  2. I also identify myself with that caricature. The differece is that sleep does not take too much time in my daily routine, and studying will fill almost the whole cycle… hahaha. Nice selection!


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