My Top 25 K-Pop Songs of the 2010s – FINALE

I know, it’s almost May and I’m finally finishing this. I’m proud that I did manage to finally finish this post series though. Now moving onto the actual post. If you haven’t read the last couple of parts, here’s a quick list!

Bonus because I totally forgot this song because there’s been so many songs worth mentioning…(also because this is tied with the number 1 song)

‘Wild’ – 9Muses (2013)

When the chorus teaser for this song came out, I don’t remember how badly I lost my mind. I remember looping this teaser for days until the track dropped. It was a roller-coaster that left me awestruck from beginning to end. It was sexy, tasteful, wonderful use of the color red in the music video, and the vocal work was FANTASTIC. Let’s not forget how that rap just seamlessly flowed into the track. Sera remains to this day my favorite member from 9Muses. Kyungri a close second.

Okay, now officially back to the list so you can see the song that tied with the bonus mention above.

5. ‘It’s Gotta Be You’ – 2NE1 (2014)

This song tears at my heart.

This song is emotional, features impressive vocals across the board, and it has a catchy pre-chorus hook. The colors were vibrant in contrast to the message the song carried in the black and white scenes. Every time I listen to it, I get a little emotional. It was their last Korean music video with all four of them before their disbandment. I miss them so much.

4. ‘LION’ – (G)I-DLE (2019)

‘Oh My God'(pun intended, it is their latest release after all), this song dropped as their last challenge for the show Queendom and BOY HOWDY WAS THIS A RIDE.

They unleased Shuhua, who hadn’t gotten a lot of lines in recent songs, and it was terrific. The entire track has a fantastic build, a great hook, and the styling sells this. Kick-ass Soyeon aside, these ladies all had a chance to shine and blew all of their fans away with this stellar tune. When I listen to this track, I feel empowered and get lost in the music all over again.

3. ‘Gashina’ – Sunmi (2017)

This is one of the best breakup songs in K-pop. I absolutely loved it then, and I still do now. I will bust into dance and song whenever this comes on. It has a catchy beat, with the lyrics telling a story of a girl that’s salty about how her boyfriend left her behind so easily. It’s a story of getting over it progressively, still calling him out for being so cold and how he can’t come back. ‘Gashina’ is one of Sunmi’s best solo releases to this date. When this song dropped, it blew so many people away. This was her first single after leaving JYP, under new management, it took the last bit of summer by storm.

2. ‘Mikrokosmos’ – BTS (2019)

My favorite song off the Persona album. I knew immediately when the tracklist for the album was teased that this song was just gonna hit home. It did in so many ways. I’m still sad I never managed to make it to the tour last year, and with the situation this year, I’m still sad that my chance to see them is still not certain.

I love this song so much. All the performance videos of this track make me emotional. I’m worried for my emotions whenever I do experience them performing this live. I’m also worried for my tear ducts. Oh dear.

And our number one song iiiiiiiiis… ‘Tonight’ – SPICA (2013

THIS SONG. How did SPICA not blow up with this track? I’m still baffled.

This song came out in summer of 2013 and it consumed me immediately. It’s so hard to describe what I feel when I listen to this song. The chorus just sweeps you away with it’s powerful vocals. Visually this video is amazing with it’s great usage of muted colors, giving out a vibe of a chill summer party with friends.

The sun that will rise tomorrow morning is for us…

‘Tonight’ is a magical song for me. One of the first songs that comes to mind when people ask me why I like K-pop. It’ll probably be at the top of my list for a good few more years.

That’s it, we’ve made it! Thanks for sticking around for this post series, I do hope you’ve found something you liked. Until next time!

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