My top 25 K-Pop Songs of the 2010s – Part 3

Oh hey! Part three is here, let’s go!

14. ‘A’ – Rainbow (2011)

Man I still can’t believe the ‘ab dance’ was banned because it was too suggestive. Still remember most of that chorus and that move though. Actually, whenever I want to feel like I know what the heck I’m doing when I’m trying to dance, I pull out this number and my confidence skyrockets…for like three minutes.

This was one of those groups where they just worked. Especially when they had these ‘girl crush’ kind of concepts. I’m happy they got together for their tenth anniversary and released something. I missed them.

13. ‘Nu ABO’ – f(x) 2010

Yes, this was one of those tracks that fell under ‘MAKE IT END WITH -IC, IT’LL SOUND COOLER’ phase from SM but it was the title track for f(x)’s first mini album and it worked. It was catchy, it was fun, the dance was infectious, and it showed us that these girls were talented.

I loved this song and I’ll randomly find myself listening to it…and pretending to belt out Luna’s high note. It’s all in good fun. I still remember a good chunk of this dance too. I need a refresher.

12. ‘Hush’ – Miss A (2013)

Miss A dropped so many bops, but this one stood out of them all. Words fail to grasp how much this song took over my playlist when it came out. It was sultry, sexy, and it grabbed you to take you on the ride of your life.

The build was not messing around. It starts so stripped before taking you for the roller eargasm that is the second verse. Then you think you’ve reached the best of the track when that second chorus just takes you on the ride of your LIFE.

The mannequins still freak me out though.

11. ‘Tell Me What to Do’ – SHINee (2016)

This song is such an amazing vocal masterpiece. It is one of the best songs that SHINee has ever released. Everyone shone in this track. They’ve released so many stand out songs over the years but this one resonates with me so much that I ended up picking this one over my second choice. Lucifer was close to take the spot because of how it just bolted them to new heights.

10. ‘That One’ – Henry Lau (2017)

I had to pick my best boy at some point in this list. I absolutely love this song out of everything he’s released. This song came out and it blew me away. I loved watching him perform with his groupmates over at SMTown in 2011. I really hope he someday makes a tour that I can get to. I’ll probably ask for help to get there too.

So there you have it, part three!

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