My Top 25 K-Pop songs of the 2010s – Part 2

I know I put in an extra entry in the last one so this one will be 4 videos long. I do hope you’ve enjoyed the first part, now get ready for even more videos on this second post.

19. ‘Something’ – TVXQ (2014)


I would’ve gone with ‘Catch Me’, but this one sounds so good, the brass, the big swing band style…it’s one of the shining stars of 2014. TVXQ was the group that I really got into when I first started in K-pop because they got my attention with the ever iconic ‘Mirotic’ but Super Junior is the group I ultimately fell hard for.

Back to this song. I absolutely fell in love with it upon first listen. The music video was intricate, fit the theme of the track, and the dance break was stunning because both members got to shine. The use of the ropes int he choreography made for a very beautiful end product.

18.’ Evanesce’ – Super Junior (2014)

God lord this MV is still stunning.

I know I said I’d limit myself to one per artist but Super Junior is my ultimate group and it was really hard to pick just ONE song of theirs for this list. This one came out in 2014 and it blew my mind. The video is absolutely stunning, has a counterpart video that is just as beautiful, and it was part of an album that brought me lots of hilarity. The main track for this album was ‘Mamacita’ that came out in August of that year.

‘This is Love’ came close to taking this spot of the list but this music video is so underrated. The song would’ve probably had more impact if Yesung’s voice was involved but for me, it didn’t need it. Kyuhyun carried his part so wonderfully, it isn’t necessary. Doesn’t make me any less curious to hear an updated version with Yesung’s voice though.

17. ‘Paradise Lost’ – GAIN (2015)

No, I did not pick this song because she also has blue hair like me, cut me some slack. 😛

I had the HARDEST time picking out a Brown Eyed Girls or GAIN song. I ended up going with this one because to me this one defined her solo career. She already had released quite a few other songs and had gotten some even banned because of content. This was a woman who owned her sexuality, was sensual about it, and honestly…this is one of the sexiest music videos I’ve ever seen without it having to do something obviously provocative.

Honorable mentions to ‘Sixth Sense’ before I even get to that post because it definitely deserves it. They showed a range in that song, the message in the video was extremely powerful, and I honestly can’t mention GAIN without mentioning how amazing BEG is.


16. ‘Ain’t Nobody’ – HA:TFELT (2014)

This song still hits me hard.

I couldn’t just pick one Wonder Girls member as a soloist. I had to pick two of them. The other one is even higher on the list. This song came out in 2014 and it blew me away. This was about showcasing Ye Eun’s range. Oh, it totally did.

Her dancing, acting, and the entire atmosphere of this video fit the song so well. That song rapidly became one of my most played songs of 2014 and it still holds. I actually took a pause before writing this blurb just to admire the music video again, as it’s been years since I’ve last seen it.

This song still shakes me to my core sometimes.

15 ‘Prince and Princess/Is the White Horse Coming?’ – Sunny Hill (2012)

“Has seeking after specifications improved your quality of life in any way?”

I was going to go with ‘Midnight Circus’ since it’s the song that just pulled me to them. Their follow ups after that were the Grasshopper song, which was great, and then the one I chose.

That song was a wide critique for Korean society and I do think that most of that still holds in this day. It’s still relevant all these years later. I also still know most of that dance too.

More to come soon! Thanks so much for following along.

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