My top 25 K-Pop Songs of the 2010s – Part 1

So instead of Fangirl Fridays this month, I decided to do something a little different. I’m going to talk about what I think are some of the best songs in the 2010s and not 2019 because it would take me forever and probably be a little too annoying.

I decided to make it harder on myself by trying to pick 25 songs because there are too many to go around and it would take me forever to actually make the list that I want to make. This list is entirely my opinion and I’d love to see your list or suggestions!

I will try very hard to limit myself to one song per artist as well. This is mainly so I avoid having a list full of the same people.

So…here we go!

25. ‘Roly Poly’ – T-ARA (2011)

2011, much like 2009, was a SOLID year of K-pop releases.


I’m really trying to remember if this was the T-ARA video that started their trend of really long story music videos. I can’t seem to remember well. ANYWAY, not the point. The song was catchy, everyone learned the dance, and the album this came out on was called ‘John Travolta Wannabe’. (I could’ve gone with a bunch of other T-ara songs really but this one is honestly the most iconic one of them all.)

24 ‘BAAM’ – MOMOLAND (2018)


This was the song that finally made me learn how to shuffle. I tried to learn it when ‘Lovey – Dovey’ came out but it just did not happen. I was SO determined to learn this dance that I sought out multiple shuffling tutorials(yes, they exist) and I finally learned the basic step of this dance. I need to polish it better but, I still know most of it a year letter. HECK YES.

23. ‘Super Hero’ – VIXX (2012)


This was their debut music video in 2012. They released an AMAZING follow up that I absolutely cannot stop listening to. Their baby faces will always be remembered even if they’re embarrassed by this song now. This debut will forever have a special place in my heart because it’s cute, it’s catchy, and I’m still bopping to this in 2019.

22. ‘What’s Happening?’ – B1A4 (2013)

It is 2019. Those masks still creep me out.


I was there for their debut and as a multi, I love so many groups. They came in for a concert to Puerto Rico but as my luck would have it…I never got to make it. (I’m having terrible luck trying to get to a K-pop show I want to see even on my own island. I can never seem to afford it.) This song stands out because it’s a creative music video, how catchy the song is, and those masks that still creep me out. Also, every single one of the guys looks absolutely ADORABLE.

21. ‘L.I.E.’ – EXID (2016)

Creepy masks ** The Sequel **

WHERE DO I BEGIN?! EXID had been around for years and they hadn’t dropped a full album ever. When they started blowing up(at last, all because of that FanCam that went viral) because of ‘Up & Down’, they dropped one bop after another. I wanted to go with ‘Ah Yeah’ but it was really hard to choose between the two so I went with the one that had more plays in my iTunes Library.

20 ‘Ringa Linga’ – Taeyang (2014)


I love, love, love, LOVE this man’s voice. I’ve loved it for years and his solo work just showcases his range. His first album dropped in 2010 and he released English versions of the title tracks. Granted, only one of them got an official music video that I could find at the moment I was writing this. He’s so talented and I can’t wait for him to start releasing stuff again now that he’s been released from the military. Here’s hoping for 2020 with Taeyang music! ❤

So there you have it! The first five songs out of 25. The next post should be up fairly soon.

Until next time!

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