Half the year has gone, Birthday surprise

So yesterday was my birthday. I’d like to apologize for not being super active on here lately. My mental health has been taking it a little rough these last few weeks.

Yesterday, even with the situation out here, was a good birthday. Sure, my family and I got our picnic interrupted by a flash flood out of nowhere…but I got to see them. We got to share cupcakes from my favorite shop on the island. It was definitely worth it.

The dust cloud situation was intense, I didn’t see the sky for a week. My allergies got worse, this is usually the time for it. Every time the desert winds come through, it’s a sneeze fest. It does suppress the formations of any hurricanes though, so that’s a benefit.

However, we’re facing another drought in certain parts of the island. Part of my family is affected, with water rationing taking place every other day starting tomorrow. Since our water structures are never clear, I don’t know if we’re affected by the rationing since there have been rainy days around me. Luckily I have a cistern in the apartment, but I know of a few people that are not that lucky.

Second half of the year, let’s go.

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