‘What You Waiting For’ – Somi’s First Comeback

After a year and a little over a month of her debut, Somi finally gets her first comeback. I wasn’t subbed to The Black Label YouTube channel so I hadn’t seen a single teaser until maybe two days ago.

The song dropped on July 22nd with the music video and there’s a few things I’d like to talk about this comeback single. (Also, why does her comeback title track share the name of Anda’s comeback track from last year? R.Tee, I have questions.)

The song is catchy, there’s also a lot of English sprinkled in. There are a lot of moments where it fits and it’s fine but there’s a cut in the chorus, the lines being: I’m faded maeil bam/I’m drunk and wasted.

This line feels entirely out of place in a chorus that’s 95% in English. Most fans know that the use of English, Spanish, and other languages for emphasis, but in this case it doesn’t feel like it It feels like they threw in the ‘maeil bam’ because it’s a K-pop song. It could also have been for a different kind of message, but this ‘sprinkle’ between all the English still feels a little weird.

Don’t get me wrong, I do like this song. It’s much better suited for her range than her debut single.

I think the lyrics are solid. They flow in a way that hooks into you with relative ease. With all the English lyrics, it’s even easier to get the context of what the song’s about, so it’s a great way to introduce people into the genre of K-pop. It also helps that the captions were on the video from the moment it was uploaded.

Should you check this song out? Most definitely. It’s a refreshing bop for the summer, and a solid first comeback from Somi. I’m just hoping we get more music from her before the year’s over.

Same goes for Anda.

See you next time!

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