Minecraft Earth – Lonely Early Access

I learned about the launch of this game thanks to the lovely Mari Takahashi and her husband, Peter Kitch. They’ve been sharing their adventures playing this game through Instagram and I decided to try and join in on the fun.

The app has been slowly rolling out in the app store across various countries. I haven’t met anyone in PR yet that’s playing it so it’s been pretty lonely.

Once I started playing this, I realized why I shouldn’t get Minecraft on my computer. I was hooked! Especially since where I live it’s chock full of adventures so I can go in constantly to farm for materials. I’ve seen Diamond blocks but I haven’t been able to collect any ore yet. I want that Diamond Pickaxe!

I’ve yet to be able to complete one Adventure though. It’s been the most frustrating aspect about it. I end up with dead ends. I also don’t have a lot of experience with Minecraft so I really can’t figure out if I’m doing anything wrong.

I do like the fact that the inventory, currently, is completely unlimited. There are microtransactions involved for premium currency. The premium currency can be used to shorten the crafting/smelting time, buy plots to play/build in, and that’s pretty much it.

Yes, I have blue hair. Old San Juan is loaded with adventures!

The game doesn’t lose itself in being too complicated. I think that’s what gets the most fun out of it. I can just pick up the game, walk a bit and get some resources. If if I’m close to an Adventure, I’ll load in, place it, and I’m off with my pickaxe to dive into it.

This feels like a great, light version of Minecraft I can carry around with me. I’ve had a few crashes here and there, but the bug report is easily accessible if I ever need to make one.

I do wish there were better tutorials for those who are completely new into this world like myself. I’ve been able to figure things out but not everyone would enjoy that idea.

As it stands right now, it’s a very solid performance in early access. I can’t wait to see it keep growing and evolving.

If you love Minecraft, you should definitely take a look!


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