MicroGames for the Short Attention Span

Ah Warioware.

My first encounter with this series was actually WarioWare: Touched! on the DS. I don’t remember how I got my first copy or who I borrowed it from. I just know that I got addicted to all the mini games and wanted to master it all.

I know that I had a copy and then it got corrupted? Or misplaced? I can’t remember. What I do remember however is that I lived between two GameStops/EB Games. They also had the ability online to check store inventory.

Hope you can see where I’m going with this.

One of the stores near my mom’s house always had the rare games. It was always empty and most of the sales in that shop consisted of CoD or anything along the lines of an FPS. That’s where I got my copy of Vesperia and my replacement Copy of WarioWare: Touched!

I did get the Wii game when it came out as well. My sisters and I spent way too much time playing that game together. I remember the laughs with my friends when they’d come over to play with me.

The crazy microgames were a riot.

One of the things I’ve always admired out of the WarioWare series is that these games make you think on your feet. They just tell you what you’re supposed to do and then you’re left to your own devices to figure out how.

Sometimes the controller would show up on the screen in the Wii version and you’d be able to have a better time guessing what you needed to do.

Other times, you could only hope to get it right and not lose a life.

Oh, and don’t get me stared on the form descriptions in the Wii version. There were so many jokes in there that I was in stitches half the time as I heard the sultry voice tell us how to use the forms.

This was so relaxing…and funny…

1, 2 Switch! is in essence exactly what WarioWare for the Wii was. I’m actually now looking at the idea for a WarioWare game for the Switch. I think it’d be a fun idea really…

Would you like to see a WarioWare game for the Nintendo Switch?

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