FF: ‘I’m a Queen like a Lion’


Okay, now that I got that off my chest. The song for today…

AFJLKDSGOIWEEHNBO (‘I can’t even’ in Keyboard smash)

I don’t honestly follow Korean reality shows. The miracle of miracles was following Produce 48 because Kaeun was in it and I will forever be sad that she didn’t make it into the group. Not the point of this post but it’s to give a little context here.

So when I heard the concept of ‘Queendom’, I wasn’t really intrigued. Then I heard about MAMAMOO being cast and I thought that’d be it. I love their music so I knew whatever they were going to put out because of the show was gonna be decent.

Then (G)I-DLE just killed it week after week with their stuff. (I’m still high-key pissed off that due to issues with YG we’ll never get a studio version of their ‘Fire’ remix. THAT WAS FIRE. Pun intended.) They just got better and better and better.

Their performance of ‘Put it Straight(Nightmare Version)’ is ART. I’m even trying to create some sort of dance to it. Partially using some of the original steps with some of my own.

The last week of the show came around and the singles all dropped. I was entranced already with the intro and the backstory of ‘LION’ and due things out of my control, I couldn’t watch the performance at the time.


The lyrics are straight up a power anthem. I absolutely love them. I haven’t been able to stop listening to the song at all. It’s such an anthem for 2019. Soyeon has been killing it with the lyrics from the start, this song is just absolutely INSANE.

‘Nothing can tame me. Even Love.’


It’s so hard to put what I love about this song into words. The beat is incredible, the roars embedded in the drops of the chorus, Minnie’s high note, Shuhua finally being unleashed with confidence into the world…there are so many highlights.

It’s hard to believe this group’s only been at it for a year, right? I still can’t believe it myself.

I can’t wait to see more from them. This song is going to be everywhere at the end of the year awards and I AM HERE FOR IT.

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