Pixel People – My Mobile Game Addiction Returns

Just a little bit of backstory. This game came out in 2013 and I remember being a bit obsessed with it in my phone. I’m trying to remember what phone I installed it in and I can’t remember for the life of me. I didn’t have the iPhone 5 so I know it wasn’t that one. It was that year that I moved to another carrier and was using the Samsung Galaxy S4 Active in blue. Oh did I love that phone.

Anyway, not the point.

In the six years since, the game was installed off and on from my various devices. I would get stuck or, I’d switch to a new phone and totally forget about it.

So today it randomly showed up in the app store while I was looking up something else. I opened the app and then noticed that it was themed for Halloween and that it was finally being updated again. I didn’t even know it’d been pulled from the App store after the developer folded.

I couldn’t find my last save, I thought I had it in the cloud…but I didn’t mind starting over. In fact, I decided to play the game differently this time around.

I’ve been at max land multiple times today. I can’t stop playing this.

The premise of the game is that you’re setting up a Utopia of clones and you have to start splicing professions together to get new ones. With these new professions, you unlock more buildings and get special genetic materials for even more unlocks.

It wasn’t that hard to pick up the game and try to get back to what I was last time around. The game was updated well and everything behaves as it did before, except with a few minor changes. There’s a little more obvious ways to offer you micro-transactions and there’s also the introduction of watching Ads to speed up processes. You can also use in game currency, which is what I sometimes try to do.

I love this game. It’s probably the most addictive game I play around with. I’m eager to get to the building that will let me start all idle businesses with the push of a button; and I’m trying to fill out more buildings for the double coin bonus the bank provides.

It’s a fun game and I’m happy to see it back. I’m also relieved that it’s also kept most of it’s formula as it changed publishers. The six people residential building I would work hard to unlock is hidden by a paywall this time around though. I don’t really mind it, the rest of the residential buildings have slowly been unlocked for me so I can deal with that.

Should you play this? If you like a game that’s a lot like what SimTown used to be…most definitely. This a lot more cuter than what SimCity is so I can’t use that for a comparison scale.

I’m happy to have dived back into this Utopia. I really am.

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