Ah Sunny Hill. That group that I randomly got hooked on due to their song ‘Midnight Circus’ back in 2011. Man, 2011 was a solid year for a lot of Kpop artists.

I remember getting hooked on that song to the point that I kept telling all my Kpop friends to check it out. Sure enough, shortly after the song was released, it blew up everywhere. (I also threw my neck out a couple of times trying to practice that dance.)

Then in 2012 they released even more bops. I still know most of the ‘Prince and Princess’ routine to this day. I need to practice it more so it’s as polished from when I first learned it.

Then they left their label and disappeared for a little while…

up until recently when they randomly dropped a teaser for a comeback and I just about lost my mind. Which is normal really when this happens.

Bitna(formerly known as Seungah) SLAYS

I absolutely fell in love with this at first listen. Heck, I repeated the teaser non-stop for days because I couldn’t deal with how awesome it was. I needed more.

The new members blend really well with Kota and original member Bitna. She’s as beautiful as ever and presence is still freaking amazing. The key changes are true to their form, the rapping is on par with their style and don’t even get me started on the dance.

It slays and I want to learn it.

I have listened to the other tracks on these mini album and they’re longer than the title track. which is always great because I could always use more Sunny Hill in my life. I like the new lineup and I can’t wait to see more of them again in Kpop.

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