Mario Kart World Tour – Weeks Later

It seems weird probably to be touching base about this game again so soon after it was released but, this is how you can tell the longevity of a game. How it performs a few weeks after the hype has died down.

I’ll be honest and tell you that I do sometimes open the game but it’s mostly to get the daily login. I’m trying to get more gems so I can do more draws on the pipe. The first week it was fairly frequent, now not so much.

Let’s also remember that this pipe is another prime example of how these games need the micro-transactions to keep going.

A friend was joking that this game was widely deleted after the revelation of the $4.99 premium pass. He’s not entirely wrong actually. This just happens to be the easiest way for me to get my Mario Kart fix without having to carry my Switch around.

Still, it’s really disappointing to see this game fall so fast because of this. I know there are people who will spend a lot of money on this game and there will be others who will play it religiously. A lot of people have their favorite mobile game that they can’t put down so, I’m pretty sure that’s where they will continue to thrive until they shut it down.

I don’t know how much longer I’ll keep the game around, but it probably will be for a bit longer. I enjoy how simple it is but it’s still nothing compared to the real thing.

Maybe someday it’ll be better. That is definitely a ways off however.

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4 thoughts on “Mario Kart World Tour – Weeks Later

    1. Basically. I mostly pick it up in the idle time I have before I get to work so I can mellow out. Other than that, I don’t really touch it.

  1. Oof, seems like another swing and an almost a miss for Nintendo’s foray into the world of apps.

    It’s too bad, games like Mario Kart World Tour and Animal Crossing Pocket Camp are fun games that are hamstrung by microtransactions vs. a flat purchase fee 😟

    1. Definitely. It’s faking multiplayer and highly reliant that you’ll spend money on getting the limited edition stuff via RNG through a pipe.

      Games should stop doing that and just let people buy the cosmetics they want without spending 15+ hours grinding for currency.


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