Yoshi’s Island and the Screaming Mario

So, with Nintendo releasing SNES games on the Switch finally, I’ve been thinking about a few of the games on the service. I already talked about Super Mario World in another post. I’ve actually had to look up on YouTube some of the secret exits and have made more progress on that regard.

Now onto the next game. I haven’t revisited Yoshi’s Island yet but I do plan to. I remember playing it at my aunt’s house often. It was a game I always had problems with. The cartridge was pre-owned and for some reason it always had trouble. There were days it worked, other days where I had to blow on it(which we all thought had some sort of witchcraft or something attached to it) to get it to start.

I loved this game more than Mario World at times. It was mostly because of how beautifully picturesque the backgrounds were. They were all beautiful works of art. The levels were complicated but they were always fun to figure out.

I remember when they ported this game to the 3DS with additional babies as ‘Yoshi’s New Island’. I needed that game badly and I think I got it at launch too.

I had a lot of fun with the original and the updated version. What I remember the most about playing the updated game was that I just keep accumulating lives until the point that I think I got up to 50. It wasn’t that the game was easier to play (maybe just a little bit?). It was more the fact that I wanted to keep excelling at every single level I dove into.

I know that when I try this again on the Switch, I’m going to have a hard time putting it down. Screaming Baby Mario and all.

That was probably the only thing that annoyed me about that game. I hated hearing Baby Mario cry. It was so shrill and annoying that it would get me angry if I didn’t catch him on time.

That was the point though. Got me every single time.

Do you have a favorite Yoshi game? Which is it?

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