Fangirl Mondays: OOMM

I remember the days of when I first got into K-pop. I would give any and all rookie groups a chance. I’d let the genre consume me whole. Nowadays I can’t let it because I have to adult but there are times that I just randomly find myself watching compilation videos of ‘New K-pop Released Month Whatever, Week 2’. (Thanks K-ville, you’re a lifesaver!)

So I stumbled upon this group’s debut that way. When I saw they were having a comeback, I found it two days after the MV had dropped. I was BLOWN AWAY.


This is, to me, leagues better than their debut. It was amazing upon first listen and I found myself looping the song the whole day through. Weeks later, I’m still listening to it often.

The dance is also something I really enjoyed watching and I’m trying to learn it. My knees aren’t cooperating much when trying to get that chorus. I really need to figure out what’s wrong with my knees, truly.

I’m still learning the member’s names. Still a work in progress. If this single has got any weight, I’m really thinking that this group is going to remain relevant for a while. This song has been blowing up in a lot of places and I’m happy this song is getting the recognition it deserves.

I can’t wait to see where 3YE go. You should definitely check this song out even if you don’t like looking at rookie groups. This song is one of those ‘can’t miss’ track from 2019.

You’ll probably get another FF this week from me again but I won’t touch Super Junior until next week because they have another music video dropping now. They’ve released three so far for this comeback. HECK YES.

Now if only I could afford the Donghae album. Alas, only in my dreams.

See you next post!

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