Super Mario World – Revisited

So, as I mentioned the other day…Super Mario World came out for the Switch. I was quick to boot it up as soon as I downloaded the software that night.

I couldn’t put it down for a few days. It captured me again like it did as a kid. I picked it up and would try to get through as many levels as possible. I even started to go through certain levels multiple times to try and find the keys.

This was the third Mario game I’d played throughout my life before Super Mario 64 came around. I didn’t know the secret levels or things in this one, but a friend was quick to teach me a few of them. We’d take turns playing together the two-player mode and see how far we could get.

Since the copy of the game we played was always at my aunt’s, these save files never lasted very long. I can’t even count how many times I started the game over.

I was talking with another friend recently about how I really tried to remember these secret exits and items. I also remembered which levels I never could complete because it was just so damn complicated for me. Some of these levels still are super challenging.

It’s all in good fun though! If you have a chance to revisit this game, I definitely recommend it. I can’t wait to dive into Yoshi’s Island.

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