Geek Out Challenge – Day 18

Geek Out Challenge Day 18 is here and I actually love this question! Friendly reminder, you can join on Megan’s Geek Out Challenge by going over to her blog. She’ll be posting all 30 prompts on August 31st if you’d like to wait until everything is uploaded. You can read her answer for today’s question here. (No Spoilers, it’s a good one!)

Day 18 – What character would you like to meet in real life?

Initially, INITIALLY, I was going to say Asch the Bloody. I really was. I absolutely love this man with all my heart and he’s one of my favorite fictional characters. Now the reality is that he’s a big basket case. The male I’ve selected is the ever so bright, Natsuki Shinomiya.

I have yet to see the rest of the seasons of Uta no Prince Sama but this man stole my heart and I can’t seem to get it back. He loves cute things, he can’t help but hug them. OH HELLO. THAT’S ME. I’m cute!

Okay, onto the real deal. I absolutely love him on the show. I think he’s great. He’s funny, charming, adorable, and sweet. He was precious in the first season of the show and in the game as well.

I love the birthday messages too! Basically his voice lines are the reason I log in every day. His voice is just amazing. I love hearing his solo songs. They’re probably some of my most overplayed tracks in OSTs. His voice is soothing.

My love for this boy is the reason I still have this game on my phone. Get my login and keep doing other stuff. Then when there’s an event surrounding him, I’m consumed. I posted about this precious golden boy once before. His alter ego, Satsuki, is agressive as hell and I am LIVING FOR IT.

Every time those glasses comes off, he transforms and goes after what he wants. I can only hope I’m in the vicinity if that were to ever happen. I very much enjoy it when Satsuki pops up on the screen really. I love both versions of this boy.

That’s my answer for today’s prompt. Give me Natsuki!

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