Geek Out Challenge – Day 19

It’s not that it’s hard to find something underrated to talk about. It’s the exact opposite at times. Because there can be so many different things I can talk about that I think are underrated.

Day 19 – What series is underrated?

I decided to talk about the Ducktales reboot because I do NOT see enough people talking about it. I absolutely love this show. I remember the VHS with the movie about the genie in the lamp. (They actually ended up referencing this movie in season 2 <3)

The animation is fantastic. The voice acting is superb. I mean, David Tennant is Scrooge McDuck! HELLO?! He’s amazing in the show! Honestly, the entire cast is amazing. I even love Webby’s voice acting because it fits her so well.

It’s great to see Jim Cummings back as Darkwing Duck is also hitting right there in the nostalgia feels. I remember watching reruns of this show when I was a kid. I would love to see a re-imagined Darkwing Duck but I’ll definitely just enjoy this instead.

The third season of the show has so much promise too!

I couldn’t find the promotional picture from the third season but it’s worth noting that little Easter Egg made me almost cry. The episode with the Three Caballeros also stirred some happy tears in there too. I was smiling throughout that whole episode. I should watch it again.

If you haven’t gotten into the show, now’s the time. The third season should be airing sometime soon and the season 2 episodes have been unlocked for you to stream FOR FREE on the Disney app.

It’s a win/win I say!

Friendly reminder that you can join in on the Geek Out Challenge at anytime by going to Megan’s blog and checking out all the posts for the prompts. You can wait until August 31st if you’re patient so you can find the master post with all questions. What did Megan answer for this question? You can find out right here.

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