Geek Out Challenge – Day 17

We’re back with another Geek Out Challenge post! Today’s question to me was a pretty quick answer between two so I’ll probably just go off on them both. You can follow along in Megan’s Geek Out Challenge by going over to her blog, it’s really neat! You can read her answer to today’s prompt by following this link. If you want to wait until all 30 prompts are up, stay tuned until August 31st!

Day 17 – Favorite video game soundtrack?


It was hard to narrow down my answer. I love Legend of Zelda games. They are some of my favorite games of all time. (Two/three of them are probably going to be a part of the ‘Games of My Life’ blogs. I need to catch up on that)

Ocarina of Time was the first one that came to mind. I absolutely loved this game when I actually was able to play it. I had the unfortunate situation where I locked the last small key in its own room in the water temple and I couldn’t finish the game. Having to restart it was one of the most painful things I’d ever had to do.


The song for the Water Temple is one of my favorite ones. So was the Hyrule Field morning son. I actually had that as my alarm for a really long time whenever I needed to have one. It woke me up gently, added bonus of a huge smile on my face because of the nostalgia.

Twilight Princess also featured a wonderful soundtrack. I loved playing through that game and I would love to see it comeback on the Switch. I never got the chance to replay it on my Wii due to a terrible accident. I also never got my hands on a Wii U since I had an Xbox 360 to play around with.

The ambient music for Twilight Princess was beautiful. I loved the nostalgic notes of some of the songs. For example, the updated version of Zora’s Domain? Absolutely breathtaking. I prefer the Twilight Princess version to the Ocarina one at times but it all depends on the mood.

I didn’t pick Breath of the Wild because while that soundtrack is beautiful, the game outstanding, and everything just being practically perfect. These soundtracks have always had a stronger hold on me.

Thanks for reading fam!

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