Geek Out Challenge – Day 8

And I’m back with another Geek Out Challenge post! This one had me thinking quite a bit actually. You can read Megan’s answer through this link. Now onto the prompt!

Day 8 – What geeky hobby do you have?

Oh, way too many to count honestly. It’s been hard to settle down onto one and I think I’m just gonna go with one I haven’t addressed in a while…

I love comic books and superheroes.

I mean, in my answer about which was my first fandom, I talked about this. I actually read a few Archie comics in my younger years and as I got older, I started reading manga. I was still kinda intimidated when it came to reading comics. I only knew what I had picked up from Teen Titans, Batman the Animated series, and the few DC Animated Universe movies I’d seen.

I finally started getting loaned comics in college, loving anything that had the Justice League. I think one of the first comics I was able to read was Obsidian Age. I absolutely loved it…I think it was one of the first places I honestly thought that Bruce and Diana worked.

Young Justice I slept on for a small while because I didn’t even know it was airing. I was more wrapped up with other things I was watching before I even gave the show a chance. I finally finished the first season a second time yesterday and I’m going headfirst into season 2.

When I found out there were comics that were tied to the show and I tried to get my hands on the ones I could. My sister was also into comics by then so we ended up exchanging a few comics together. The third compilation of the Young Justice comics I had to get a digital copy. I randomly find myself reading it on my phone when I get the urge to read comics.

I’ve also read web comics, one that I was big on a long time back was MegaTokyo. I stopped some time after that tension filled page where Largo and Erika almost made out. That page was freaking amazing.

More recently, I downloaded Webtoon and I’m actually enjoying it as another way to get my fix on comics. The one that has had me OBSESSED is ‘Let’s Play’, which I cannot wait for it to come back soon.

I do need to keep reading more comics, and get back on my book train too.

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4 thoughts on “Geek Out Challenge – Day 8

    1. I have Lore Olympus on my ‘pending to read list’ the art is stunning! And if True Beauty counts as a K-Drama then I guess that’s my starting point. 🤣🤣

      1. I read it almost as fast as ‘Let’s Play’. I read it actually got picked up as a K-Drama!


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