Geek Out Challenge – Day 7

Hey guys! Another day, another challenge post! You can find the answer to Megan’s prompt right over here while I answer it on this post.

Day 7 – What fandom do you love that you didn’t think you would?

I know this is going to seem maybe a teeny tiny bit out of place but honestly? K-pop. I got into it over ten years ago and I started very slowly. I was just minding my own business listening to J-pop and J-rock bands. I really couldn’t get into the boy bands, nothing really clicked with me.

A friend sent me two Super Junior songs for me to listen to. I actually very much enjoyed them and kept them on the back burner for fanfic inspiration and whatever. Then seeing this video it hit me like a ton of bricks.


‘SEXY MEN BUFFET’ is what I texted my BFF Arinda(I call her Yuki, short for Miyuki…because she’s the Miyuki to my Konata). When I sent her the video. She immediately agreed and down the rabbit hole we fell.

It was great because I didn’t fall into this whole mess of K-pop on my own. She and I explored this whole thing together. After a short stint of me saying that TVXQ was amazing, Super Junior was my first love and that’s where I stayed. I’ve made countless posts about them on this blog and I will continue to do so. I love those boys from the deepest bottom in the abyss of my heart.

This was the dance that got me a free autographed album of theirs a few years later. Of course I still know it! I mess up the order because of how out of practice I am but still.

There’s this AMAZING remix of this song that came out later, this song to me is just UNF.


I still admit that Donghae’s better hair days were during this comeback. He, along with Siwon have always been my top two in that group. Kyu has also always been way up there.

That song to me is still one of those K-pop jams that never goes too long without me listening to it. I don’t spam it 15 times unless I’m really just feeling it with a scene I’m writing or just having one of those weird moods.

Super Junior was a gateway into the amazing world of K-pop. I can’t wait for their next comeback. Or their next concert in the US. I really want to make it there. It’s been so long since I’ve seen them.

So there ya have it folks, the fandom that I didn’t think I was going to like but then I fell right into the deep black hole of K-pop. Oh boy.

3 thoughts on “Geek Out Challenge – Day 7

    1. They’re oldies but goodies! I generally haven’t been able to get into K-Dramas but I might eventually fall down that black hole too. I have enjoyed two Korean movies though. ‘Train to Busan’ was amazing! So was ‘Pyschokenisis(I mess up this title often)’


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