The Geek Out Challenge – Day 1

So, Megan over at A Geeky Gal started this lovely challenge idea that is to enable people to geek out and I am ON BOARD. Most posts on here, specifically my ‘Fangirl Fridays’ posts are for that purpose. A 30 Day challenge is just another incentive to do this on the regular.

I’ve always thought that people geeking out is something that is amazing. You can just see their passion all over their face and in the way they express why they love something.

Moving on. Megan’s day one prompt is as follows:

Day 1 – What was your first fandom?


That’s a hard question. Truly. It’s so hard to say when exactly I fell headfirst into a fandom hole. I mean, as a kid one is clearly a fan of certain things but a ride or die fandom didn’t really hit me until I saw this grand show called ‘Teen Titans’ back in 2003.



Robin was THE fangirl crush of the century for me. Sure, I loved Link, Gary Oak, and don’t even get me STARTED on Yami Yugi. The thing is, while I was writing fanfics for Yu-Gi-Oh! (and other fandoms I had at the time)…I was always was trying to create what I thought was a good OC for Robin. I initially did ship him with Star but as I got older, I didn’t like it. I finally developed an OC I felt comfortable with at about 2013. I recently picked up the second book on that story and I’m slowly adding to it again.

Regardless, this show had absolutely everything for me. It was a show that really taught me what ‘shipping’ was. As I got older, I look fondly at the ships I held then and the ones I hold now. They’ve got their own sets of memories and some have fanfics attached to them. I used to be a huge BBRae shipper and while I do still like it, looking back at some episodes…Cyborg and Raven flowed so comfortably and natural. They both grew as characters when they interacted. It was amazing.

The silly, one-off episodes were iconic for me at that age. All the Mad Mod episodes cause me glee. The Control Freak episodes play out all the tropes that I at the beginning of my teen years didn’t know existed. The show taught me things that definitely still resonate with me now.

The voice acting, the writing truly defined this series. A lot of the episodes I’ve been able to re-watch recently still hold. I stopped my re-watch to focus on Young Justice and getting to season 3. I’m almost done with the first season again.

I love, love, love, LOVE Robin…but this episode is really high up on my top 5 list.

There are a lot of episodes that stand out from that show. Like I mentioned, the Control Freak episodes were funny, the Mad Mod ones were also a delight to watch. Some of these episodes still are on my top 5 list. However, there is one serious episode that honestly, it was so amazing that I will probably have to watch it at some point to day. It’s called ‘Lightspeed’ and it only truly had two stars in it…Wally and Jinx.

This episode I did not see the first time around because I was in my senior year of high school and there was a lot of things that I ended up involved in thanks to Mom. I finally watched this episode, low quality, both parts on YouTube a few years ago because this show wasn’t available for streaming ANYWHERE. I fell in love with it right away and it is very high up there on my list for Teen Titans as a whole.

The show was so wonderfully drawn, the characters had amazing growth, and it gave me my first real anime crush. I loved watching Robin…but ‘How Long is Forever’ brought me Nightwing and I NEVER LOOKED BACK. Dick Grayson is my favorite Robin and it will always be that way.

Thanks again Megan for this prompt, I can’t wait to see the next ones!

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