Geek Out Challenge – Day 9

Hey guys! If you want to join in on Megan’s awesome ‘Geek Out Challenge’ then I definitely encourage you to check out her blog and follow along. On August 31st, she’s going to have a master post up with all the questions. Megan’s answer for today is right over here.

Day 9 – Favorite anime (or anime series)?

I don’t want to cheat and say the new Fruits Basket anime(YES AGAIN), because I just spent part of my night trying to catch up and crying on two out of the three episodes I was able to watch. So to spare your eyes on another Fruits Basket post, I will not.

I WILL however, address this. I love this anime in BOTH versions. I watch the dub more than I watch the subtitled version because I absolutely love Caitlin as Haruhi, Travis as Mori(the man of few words. ‘Mori like seashells’ blooper lives on), Greg Ayers as Kaoru, and J Michael Tatum just SHINES BRILLIANTLY AS KYOYA.

I watched this anime subbed back in the day and I joke that I predicted some of the cast long before Funimation announced they’d gotten the rights to dub it. I mentioned it around my friends that Travis would’ve made the most perfect Mori and I got my wish.

A friend gave me the boxed set for my birthday that year and I absolutely started watching it as soon as I could. My sisters had both read different kinds of manga and I can’t remember which one read the volumes of Ouran I had at home. I do recall that when I was watching it on the living room TV through my PS2 or Xbox 360, they joined me and loved watching the dub together. We laughed, we cried, and had an amazing time with it.

That is one memory with my sisters that I still hold pretty close to me. It was an amazing time and one moment I’m never going to forget.

Thanks Ouran! I would hope you get a new series like Fruits Basket with most of the same cast for the dub.

Until next time fam!


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