Geek Out Challenge – Day 6

Hey guys, if you’re interested in participating on Megan’s challenge, you can pop over to her blog and look at today’s prompt right over here. I loved her answers for today and I’m actually able to settle onto one person.

Day 6 – What real life geek inspires you?

Mariko Takahashi. There’s no doubt about it.

That queen in the purple hair is Mari. And more real life geeks who inspire me are also in this picture!

I recently realized that about six years ago, I was at a really low point in my life. I had been kicked out from my apartment because of a situation between my roommates at the time. My baby sister caught me one day and introduced me to SG.

Seeing Mari on the channel, playing games with the dudes, just being this persona along with her chemistry with the guys brought me back to life. I made a post about this a few years ago, thanking them for giving me my life back at a time I really needed it.

Mari’s accomplishments are inspiring. She did ballet professionally, and then decided to be a full time geek/personality. She’s witty, she’s charming, she’s a writer, and to me she’s an ICON. She’s an inspiration.

Currently, she’s going for a dream she’s always had. Mari has made two action shorts, one of them about to be released and I am so ready for it. She puts her all into every single piece of work she does. It shows immensely. It’s one of those things that inspire me to push harder through my anxieties, to work through them, because I can get through it. Even when I sometimes don’t feel like it, I’ll get there.

Also, she loves to journal. Which is great. I think it’s a fantastic, personal way to express yourself and it’s awesome.

Mari is the real life geek that inspires me. I can’t wait to meet up with her again!


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