Back from Unintended Hiatus!

Hello world! I’m back from my unplanned hiatus, I’ll probably be doing a couple of catch up posts and queue up a few things in the coming days when I actually sit down.

My birthday was on the 30th, turned 31, and been dealing with a couple of other things in the last few weeks. I’ve been playing a few games on mobile such as BTS World and Dr. Mario. I’m only going to review one of the games because I want to talk about the ‘sustainability’ model that the game has implemented and how long it’ll thrive in this current mobile gaming market.

I’ve been trying to read the Mulan book I shared on my Instagram a few weeks ago, haven’t made much progress. I am very invested in it and last time I sat down, I got through a chapter in no time at all.

I downloaded WEBTOON and got hooked on “Let’s Play”. THE FEELINGS THAT BROUGHT. IAMNOTWELL. I still don’t know which ship I want to be on but I absolutely love it.

I even started diving into my old Tales of the Abyss fanfiction. I started touching up version 2(yes, I know) of it and I’m not even halfway done. I hope I get to finish up the second version before investing time in any of my older fanfics that I want to try and finish. I can hear Jean-Karlo in the back of my mind screaming ‘FINALLY DUDE’.

Our Government has been falling apart due to #TelegramGate and it’s been incredible how everything has been unfolding. I would definitely love to go into a little ‘history with Michi’ post about corruption in this island but I need to refresh myself on a couple of things in that subject. It’s not pretty. Our island’s leadership has always been questionable because of how openly corrupt it’s been at times.

It’s been coming to light things I said during the Hurricane recovery. Help that was sent our way was withheld. It’s appalling. Millions of people trying to survive and the few in a position of power to be able to assist? They held back resources like water in order to keep lining their pockets.

I don’t mean to get political. I really don’t. It’s been a crazy weekend since the chat messages leaked.

Division 2 hasn’t been played much recently, I dove into the deep crevices of my gaming backlog and got a gift on Steam that I hadn’t finished in its original 360 port. I couldn’t put down Tales of Vesperia for a damn week. I’m still not done and I’ll probably jump back in after my late lunch today.

I’ve even taken some videos that I’ll probably embed into the post. Don’t worry, I’ll keep it spoiler free. I’m aware the game has been out for the longest time but, hopefully I’ll finish it real soon.

That should be about the gist of things I wanted to cover in this catch up post.



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