The Games of My Life: Bubble Bobble

This game I didn’t have right off the bat. I had this game thanks to the mom of an elementary school friend. She was getting rid of his NES games and one day they wound up in my house. I had a lot of games to try.

I had Super Mario Brother’s 3, which you can read about here, Hogan’s Alley, Kung-Fu master, Bubble Bobble and a bunch more. I can’t remember them all.

So, I think I remember playing Puzzle Bobble in arcades before actually playing Bubble Bobble. I know it sounds weird but again, I got these games later.

This game was a lot of fun for me. I remember my sister and I making it quite a few rounds together. The mechanics where simple enough. I have memories of us gliding across the stage and collaborating to finish levels. There were times when she’d die before me and I’d keep going on my own.

I still don’t recall how far I got. I do remember loving these two dinos and playing Puzzle Bubble more at arcades as I got older. I loved those mechanics more than I loved this game. It was one of the cartridges I’d touch the least whenever we’d play on weekends. Mario got more love.

So did anything involving the Nintendo Zapper actually. I doubt that has any relation to me actually enjoying FPS games or Time Crisis.

I’m kidding. Maybe it does.

Until next time!

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