Hours Before the Strike

Tonight is gonna be pretty historic. At least, that’s what it looks like. It’s all going to unfold in my backyard. I’m not going physically because I can’t take it. I am appalled for everything that has been coming out in the last week. It’s absolutely insane.

People are starting to arrive. Old San Juan will probably be fuller than I’ve ever seen it tonight. Puerto Ricans across the globe are making their voice heard.

They want Ricky out. So do I.

(If you want some details, you can look at this article on CNN. There are plenty more now online about the subject.)

I remember all of my Hurricane Maria posts, complaining about how we needed things and they took forever to arrive. Water is being found in various places on the island. He’d apparently ordered millions worth of water, they arrived and were totally forgotten about.

These water bottles could’ve helped us. Now they’re wasted money. Millions wasted.

I want him out of office. He keeps saying that the public ‘chose’ him. We did not. In fact he only got 41% of votes last election. The majority when to every other candidate but him. Heck, independent candidates gathered an unheard amount of votes.

I’m still trying to sort out all of my feelings and anxieties. This night is going to be absolutely crazy. I have a front row seat in my balcony. History is happening all around us. We Puerto Ricans have chosen Ricky.

We don’t want you. You can’t sit with us. Your leaked chats were the last straw.

I would write more but right now I’m still processing everything as it continues to happen. There’s a lot to unpack. So I’ll see you in the next one!

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