The Games of My Life: Super Mario Brothers 3

This game came to our house thanks to a mother of an elementary school classmate. My sister and I dove in eagerly, because we needed something different to play. My baby sister hadn’t been born yet so it was just us two with the controllers.

Super Mario 3 to me always looked like a stage-play so I wasn’t shocked when the ‘fun-fact’ came out.

I loved that game. It was actually one of the Mario games where I got through a lot of it without help. Of course, Marie and I would always go against each other for control of the game as much as possible. We’d consume the POW block, get our butts killed while trying to reign supreme in the battle mini-game.

Then I learned the tricks, I got the flute, and I slowly started building strategies for me to get farther and farther into the game. This was the first game where I really got into the repetitions and what I needed to do to get through. It was pretty fun.

A lot of time was spent on that game over the years. Especially when we’d take it on weekends to the beach house my grandfather had built. We’d plug it into the tiny TV, turn the knobs to channel three and go at it whenever we could. Of course we’d hit the beach every so often, which was also fun.

I remember from that game all the battles I had with Marie. It was always in good fun.

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