The Games of My Life: Golf

I know, this is really random. When I was tired of playing Tetris or Super Mario Land, dad had this other game Golf for the Game Boy.

There are so many memories of hearing him tee off and trying to get the best shot. Now, he isn’t a professional golfer at all but my dad does dabble in the sport now and then.

I on the other hand truly suck. I do enjoy playing Mini Golf whenever I find myself in Florida. We used to have a course here, it was a lot of fun. I remember a lot of birthdays being held in Plaza Aquatica back in the day.

Back to Golf, I didn’t play this one as much as the other games we had, but I did spend some time in it when I needed a breather from a really annoying Super Mario Land level.

I had lunch with my father yesterday and I brought up the video games he used to play when I was younger. He did crack a smile when I reminded him that I still remembered the whistling sound in Golf every time he’d tee off. He mentioned playing Mike Tyson’s Punch Out all the way to Tyson. The game came out the year before I was born …I don’t remember any of it. Regardless, it was a nice thing to talk about.

I’ve been trying to go in chronological order as I remember them but it’ll probably lead to some gaps between posts. I’m just going to keep going on as I remember the old ones. Hopefully it won’t take me long to reach my Game Boy Advance and N64 days.

Until next time!


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