Fangirl Fridays: Me & You~

I love EXID. I’ve always liked them as a group. When they really blew up I was so happy they were getting the recognition they deserve! They’ve released bop after bop, nonstop. I have not had a disappointing title track from them yet.

This is their last comeback as a group for a while since a few of the members are leaving the company. It breaks my heart but I totally want to see them flourish and grow. I didn’t even think we’d get to see a domestic comeback since they mentioned an album and then they would take a group hiatus.

I’m so thankful we got a Korean comeback too.

I know people that are fed up with the trap trend that has been invading K-pop for the last year. I on the other hand since I don’t listen to much other than K-pop, have yet to be soured on the trend. However, it is becoming repetitive when some groups don’t shine louder than their track.

LE is always stunning. Hani is just DROP DEAD GORGEOUS. This track does a great job at highlighting their vocal ranges while giving us a catchy, simple dance. I can’t wait to add it to my list. I’ve already found myself spamming the track.

I know it’ll be a while until the next EXID comeback so I’m going to enjoy this while it lasts.

Until next time fam!


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