Language Lessons Redux

That owl is gonna drive me mad. But hey, I’m trying.

I’ve been trying to learn Japanese since I was 15. That makes it half my life at this current point. Even with my anxiety issues, I’ve been slowly making steps to do things that I want or taking even more alternatives to take my mind off things. One of these was downloading Duolingo yet again.

I initially went with Korean since most of the stuff I listen to is K-pop but then after much debating, I went to Japanese. It’s the language I’ve spent the longest trying to learn. I know some basics and I could already interpret some of it, but not a lot of it.

There’s also Fruits Basket and Uta no Prince Sama to blame here. While I watch the dubbed series for nostalgic reasons, I would watch the Japanese one with the new cast anyway if I got the chance. Of course, I’d have subtitles if I could but after all these years? I want to consume the product in its original form.

Learning Japanese was one of the things that introduced me into finer tipped stationery in the first place! I love writing in pen and paper. I remember enjoying the find of .5 tips anywhere I went, then I got a Muji pen from somewhere. That thing was so fine and I fell in love with it right away. It was a mission to find more pens like it.

Then the rest is history. My favorite writing implements all feature a .4mm or under tip size. There are some collectible exemptions, like the Pokécen pens that I’ve gotten quite a few of. I either swap out the inserts with smaller tips or use them as is if I happen to like the ink colors.

Moving back onto the matter at hand. I feel like I’ve made a lot of progress in the last few weeks in my effort to learn Japanese. I have to find some workbooks to print out and practice my Kanji. Baby steps.


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