Fangirl Fridays: Fly Like a Butterfly~

So I’ve decided on a regular post series for at least one day of the week. If there’s something else that I can post on Fridays, I’ll just double post. (Which would be possible as games come out Fridays lately) I just felt like trying this out since I fangirl a lot on my blog in the first place.


So while I don’t have next Friday’s post planned out yet(I mean, MAMAMOO is coming back on the 14th so I have a feeling that Friday is gonna be for them) I wanted to start with something recent. Now granted, ‘Butterfly’ came out last month but I’ve been really listening it to it a lot lately.

The video is stunning. I have yet to learn the names of all the girls but they look amazing. It’s not just that though. Formation choreography like this can look weird if the timing is off, here it’s perfect. I know that they train these girls hard but we’ve also seen girl groups have timing issues in their choreo anyway.

*credit sinrity on tumblr*

The diversity in this video is also really amazing. I genuinely appreciated it. All these women just dancing in all parts of the world. It moved me. As a person who’s danced practically her whole life, this brought me almost to tears. The lyrics added fuel to all of that as well.

Yeah, the lyrics. As someone who on a frequent basis feels the need just just try and fly the heck away, these lyrics hit home. Sometimes when I can dance, this is what envisioned of myself. It hits a lot close to home.

This scene though. Oh, and the girl taking off her jacket and tossing it aside. *_*

I haven’t added this dance to my list yet but I feel like eventually I will. I’ve been more focused on trying to polish ‘Yes or Yes’ and ‘Dalla Dalla’ before trying to take on this one. I mean, the dance and its formations are so amazing to watch. I’ve watched the video quite a few times while writing this post. The song is just so soft and powerful at the same time.


Also, I got into Loona way late. I hadn’t even heard of them until ‘Hi High’ came out. From there I discovered all the solo songs and I must add, ‘Singing in the Rain’ is SUCH A BOP. OH LORD.

Moving on, Loona’s ‘Butterfly’ is amazing. Everything about this song and video comes in a beautiful package. Everything fits together. Nothing feels out of place or off, which is great. This song is definitely one of the bops of 2019. I’ll probably be listening to this a lot throughout the year. I’m already feeling it.

Next Friday is probs for sure gonna be MAMAMOO. Oh and Division 2 posts too. So get ready for those.

Off to watch the MV again! Later fam.

4 thoughts on “Fangirl Fridays: Fly Like a Butterfly~

    1. It’s hard to say. Jinsoul’s ‘Singing in the Rain’ has a vibe that’s similar. But as 12 Loona’s music catalogue is small. Hi High is on the cute side and favOriTe was solid.


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