The Division 2 Feels

So I’ve mentioned that I’ve been playing the Division 2 open beta this weekend and there have been some changes.

The patch notes poke fun at the Reddit community while at the same time calling them ‘Monsters’ for attacking animals. I just want to be able to pet doggies like I was able to do in Assassin’s Creed 3. It was one of the things people absolutely loved about that game.

The game feels even more complete than it did when I played the private beta back in February. It’s still got its bugs and kinks to work out. For example, I had audio issues all weekend. Thankfully they’re going to work on a patch for that for day 1. That’s great news for me so I don’t get to miss out on the story or collectible dialogue.

I vaguely remembered where some of the loot and collectible drops were. Hopefully, I’ll still have a memory for those when the game comes out next week. I actually can’t believe that it’s here. I’m very excited for this game.

I loved the first game because of its story. Carlos is already very set that he’s going to spend way too much time in this game, which I do not doubt. He loved the first game and played it way more than I did. Always aiming to get the right piece of gear or that missing gearset piece. I think he still was missing those kneepads by the time we finished playing the first one and moved to Fortnite.

Regardless, I can’t wait for the game. It’s due out March 15th and I am counting down the days.

Now time to rest up for another day.


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