Of Late Night Gaming Urges

So last night I tried to play Division 2 when it was supposedly going to launch for everyone at midnight. That did not happen since PC players weren’t going to be allowed in until 1am. I was already dead tired so I decided to go to bed instead.

I can’t wait to dive in today. I’ve yet to make my character so I’ll be a bit before officially setting foot into the campaign. Everything I’ve read on reddit as of last night shows promise. I’m gleefully waiting for the evening to arrive so I can dedicate some time to this game.

I do want to finish the current Fortnite Event story and I’ll probably work on that this weekend. They finally fixed a couple of pressing bugs. Well, allegedly.

I wanted to post over the weekend an analogy that has probably been posted online before but, it’s something that I guess can help explain sometimes how you can just repeat the same cycle of lows.

There’s a chance I’ll start the post and schedule it for later this week. I know that Friday’s going to be MAMAMOO day. The teaser dropped last night and it already sounds like such a bop. ‘Wind Flower’ was great but their other comebacks last year were so much better. I didn’t get to ‘Starry Night’ until late summer, after ‘Egotistic’ had just blown my damn mind.

Anyway, I did want to play last night but I was so restless and tired. Staying up for another hour to play The Division 2 when everyone else was gonna get on was just too much of a hassle. Carlos checked everything, especially a bug that was going around for two people on the same internet connection that was causing problems, and it looks like we should be good to go tonight.

I can’t wait.


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