A Brief Summary of the New Hero Loadout

So, the new Fortnite season started on Thursday and so did the new update for Save the World. We’ve got an event going on as well. I am enjoying the quests so far and the story, as usual, is hilarious.

There are also two new hero rewards that are included in the event on top of the 8 new hero quests that were introduced with the Hero Loadout.

This is my first build. I actually have had some fun with it.

I do have other completed loadouts but I’m trying to finalize the details and level up everyone that’s missing to get up to 130. It’s very entertaining to try out these loadouts but Carlos’s annoyance is that he feels weaker than he did before. That he’s not as much of a ‘damage machine’.

He’s got a point though. While I was looking for images for this post I realized that it’s not that they ‘nerfed’ all the skills, it’s just that in an effort to balance them out across all classes…they broke the game a little bit. So yeah, almost essentially a nerf. I usually read patch notes but this time I had a lot going on so it was a total oversight.

Moving on, I’ve already unlocked the two Outlanders from the 8 new hero quests and I’ll probably do constructor next for variety. I do like the system but the enhancements are needed.

Carlos is more or less upset because he still can’t choose what skin he gets to play as. He just wants to pick a skin and then have to pick the character’s abilities more ‘a la carte’ than it currently is.

Hero rewards for the current event. Sarah is a MOOD.

I do want to know what is up with this crazy ‘Love Storm’ that is taking over Homebase. It’s already made me laugh with some of the dialogue, as usual. Oh and Dennis must be protected.(Much like Damien, his voice actor) Always.

I have not forgotten about The Division 2 open beta. I can’t wait to get back into it. I delved into it last night but didn’t take a single picture like I did last time. I do admit I like the minor improvements that have been made so far. Carlos and Marcel keep telling me to play with a controller but I’m stubborn.

Which is normal. I’ve spent too much time trying to learn WASD to move back to a controller on PC. I’ll save that for Kingdom Hearts 3. Which I have yet to finish. I should get on that. Soon.

Michi out!


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