Day Off Adventures: Waffles + Planning

This time around Gyna and I didn’t meet to swap too much stuff but we still had fun. We spread out across two tables to play around with our planner supplies. I used some Simply Gilded kits I had and mixed them with some of the MAMBI sticker books that Gyna gave me last time.

I went and played around, did two weeks worth of stickers. I definitely have more than enough to be able to do more than that with all the kits I have up until the end of my current EC which is June. I would love to get the new one in May but I don’t know how I’m gonna manage that right now.

Anyway, that’s not the point. We spread out and caught up from last time. I helped her pick out a theme for her new layout for March and I absolutely loved how it turned out. She tagged me on Instagram once she was done!

It’s been a pretty mild day today, which is good. I’ve been having terrible, anxiety-filled nights and it’s nice to have a rest day from all that.

There are a lot of things I want to do and things missing still on my computer. I should get on that so I have fewer worries. I’m sure that future me will thank me for that later.

Tonight I’ll probably dive into more of the Division 2 beta, which I’m very much looking forward to it. I’m enjoying Fortnite of course, Anthem still has way too much work ahead of itself. I don’t see myself going there too frequently for the time being. I am sure I’ll be immersing myself with The Division 2 once it comes out. That’s going to be my game of the year until the new Pokémon game comes out.

And so a new week begins. Here goes everything.


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