The Fangirl Diaries: Aafjkl;dasgfjkla;dg MARCHAR

(There’s an explanation for this title. I promise.)

So, while I was JAMMIN’ to the absolute BOP that ‘Sucker’ by the Jonas Brothers is I noticed a notification on the Super Junior Facebook page. There was a special video and I was greeted with THIS thumbnail.


After the confusion wore off I clicked on the video and then was dumbfounded to find it was the short version. So I hopped over to Youtube to find the actual music video itself.

Now, they released this cover months ago when their mini album with Reik came out. I made a post about it back when the blog was sparingly active. They even performed it on Televisa.

Oh Jesus Christ.

WHERE DO I BEGIN!? Good lord. This gem was uploaded online by sheer surprise. Apparently, someone leaked it somewhere but I hadn’t even heard of this until it popped up on my feed. This post is going to be gif heavy, I warn you. I was gonna make my own but I have not had the time. Also, there would be even more of them if I had that kind of power. Seriously.

Okay, here’s the deal. Their Spanish on the track is really good. I was blown away when I first heard it and replayed it so many times. Wookie was very solid in his delivery and honestly, I’ll take their Spanish over their Engrish any day. (EAR after EAR anyone?)

That wig is ON BACKWARDS. W.T.F. I am deceased.

I was too young to ever see the original music video. I mean, sure it came out in 1987(the year before I was born) but the original track came out in 1963(I KNOW) and it was in English. I looked it up when the mini album came out last year. Even then, I didn’t see the music video. I saw it today after I saw the Super Junior homage.

I legit, LEGIT thought this was going to be a parody. I mean, this is Super Junior we’re talking about. These boys are insane. I’ve been an E.L.F.(fanclub name) since 2007. They make me laugh so much when they pull crazy stunts like this.

NGL, that dancer laughing was me throughout this whole thing. Especially while seeing Siwon with that wig though.

They’re all wearing a very similar outfit to what Luis Miguel wears in the video. It was adapted to be a little warmer, that I can assure you since all their surroundings are just covered in Christmas lights. The wigs though, the WIGS.

I mean, they’re styled correctly. Except for Donghae’s he’s got the wig on backward. Which makes this even funnier because I did not catch that the first time around when I watched the video. I caught it in one of the comments and immediately replayed the video. I started cackling when I realized it.


<— I CANNOT GET OVER THIS. Yesung, what the hell are you saying?! You sounded great on the audio but your lips totally did not match what you were trying to say. It literally looks like you’re just randomly mumbling something until getting to ‘Marchar’. This makes the video a valuable treasure of all of us ELFs who speak Spanish because we cannot with our existence. Everytime I watch this, I find something new to start off into another fit of hysterical fangirl giggles.

I love Super Junior concert VCRs. They’re always something special. This is exactly the case. I have not been able to stop fangirling about this all day and I probably won’t stop. I’ll be alternating between this and Jonas Brothers ‘Sucker’. I can live with this.


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