‘Señorita’ is a Grower but a BOP

So, a warning. This is a K-Pop fangirling post. I’m gonna go off on another girl group instead of boys because while I was effectively SLAIN by Taemin’s ‘Want’ (JESUS CHRIST TAEMIN), I’m like way too late to talk about it. Unless someone wants me to ramble on about it or review it.

Anyway, I love (G)-Idle. ‘Latata’ was one of the biggest rookie bops of the year and the great thing about them is that they just debuted and sounded like they were veterans already. Well, Soyeon was in I.O.I. and other girls had some of their own work while minor.

Then there was their summer comeback with ‘Hann’ and there we had another bop. There was also ‘Pop/Stars’ during the League of Legends tournament that is probably one of my most overplayed songs of 2018. I also have been working on perfecting learning this routine. YAS! GO ME!

Flashback to this Monday and ‘Señorita’ finally gracing our ears with its sound.

SOYEON YOU SLAY. Everyone’s serving looks here, not gonna lie.

I was already expecting a sound like this from the teasers. The track doesn’t really have a lot of build, I will agree. I admit that any song that has some Latin flair will win some favor with me in K-pop but I’m also picky. There’s got to be something to grab me too. This song builds like a Tango. The backbeat and the percussion is all there.

There were some missed opportunities with the dance and some other video shots to really sell this though. Can you just picture a tango right when the ‘Señorita!’ is being said before the second verse? I can only hope I’m not the only one who would’ve appreciated the visual.

I went to tumblr for gifs. I need to learn how to make my own

I was texting with my friend Norbert about this and he was in total agreement. Of course, now I’m wishing I was more trained in my dances to be able to try and choreograph a tango with this. I need a dance partner though.

Anyway, at first listen the track to me was definitely enjoyable but wasn’t an immediate thing. Upon multiple repeats obviously, I grow to like the song and find it memorable. I do feel like this isn’t on the level of ‘Hann’ or ‘Latata’, but its very enjoyable to listen to. The choreography is very solid as well. Still needs that tango.


Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to continue diving into the rest of the weird and bizarre news of the day that is INSANE. Jonas Brothers are back(so expect me flailing hopelessly at how much I love their new song,). Netflix announced that one of my favorite books to read, The Babysitter’s Club, got a ten episode series coming up.

I don’t know what is going on today but I’m HERE FOR IT.


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