YumeTwins Update: The Saga Comes to a Thrilling Conclusion!

So I promised in the last post I’d talk about what happened with YumeTwins. Here we have it, a thrilling conclusion to the missing YumeTwins December box.

Last November I ordered a ‘Kawaii’ Loot Box with a Pokémon theme because I really wanted to get my hands on unique Pokémon gear that did not require me to place an order on Pokémon Center Japan. The box was supposed to arrive as early as four weeks and as late as eight. That seems like a long time, especially when I have stuff that arrives through EMS way faster than that.

So on Saturday, I go to check the mail. Then I see this turquoise and purple box. I understandably lost my mind.

It doesn’t even look like it took a beating. Holy crap.

I thought I was looking at a ghost. I mean, I totally forgot to email YumeTwins this last week so I could try and get a damn refund for the package as I never got it. Talk about a surprise. I took the box home and I saw that it was indeed shipped on November, the date the email said it was.

Of course, I tore it open. I’d been waiting for this box for almost four months.

The contents of the box were promising on paper but the surprises were not. I mean, the sticker sheet was a nice addition to my collection. The sticky notes, not so much. The stuffed little birdie not a big deal or a big fan of it either.

I’ve hung the Eevee charm on my backpack. The Pikachu mold has been stuffed in a drawer and I’m still trying to figure out what to do with it other than cook rice. It’s cute as hell though. I really do like it. I would love to get a Pikachu cake mold someday. Or something like it.

All in all, again this box does not feel worth the price tag. To compare, what I get at Pokémon Center Japan for that price is a lot of stationery. Or even just one or two household items that are much better looking. As an example, I have the cutest water bottle. It’s been working to get me to drink more water instead of soda so, I’m doing something right.

I would hope to get another ‘Kawaii’ Box down the road…or just get the Simply Gilded box because of planner supplies and washi tape. I use all of that for journaling and my Erin Condren vertical planner.

The saga concluded in a good way. I got my box. Now the box wasn’t really worth it though. Not to me anyway.


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