Yes, ANOTHER Anthem Post

I know, I know. Another one? Well, the game officially launches tomorrow and after playing it for almost a week, there is some real tea.

The game could’ve definitely used more time in development. I know I’ve already said this before but after playing it almost every single night for the last week? Yeah, it’s missing quite a bit.

I was just hearing Carlos talking to his best friend just now and he’s in agreement. The game is lacking basic PC elements. Origin doesn’t have a recent players list, so if you have a fantastic group of randoms…you can’t add them. Well, shit.

To me, the worst thing is the missing text chat. I don’t communicate over headset unless it’s someone close to me or I’ve played with them more than a couple of times.

The game was all hype, and it shows a lot of promise. That’s a double edged sword though. The potential is a fantastic tool to have but then other times, that can be wasted in a game if it’s not improved frequently or worse, improved frequently and wrong.

The Division is a fantastic example. The game was kinda good, showed potential. The patches came in but then the game became way too hard to play. (I ranted about this on previous posts quite a few times.) But then they actually fixed it. The game became playable. The game became enjoyable. They backtracked a little in a future patch but then they fixed those changes again and Massive nailed it. Every. Single. Time.

Carlos and I kept playing that game way early into 2018 before diving our full gaming time back into Fortnite. The game’s also shown quite a bunch of improvements in the last year. I can’t wait for the Hero rework and season 8 to hit.

I doubt this will be the last time I blog about Anthem but, it will be the last time for a little while. That I can promise.

Until next time!


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