Early Access to Anthem, more Tales of the Javelin

I don’t know if I mentioned this but for Origin Premier members they have Anthem now out for people to play. I’ve spent the last couple of nights (save for part of last night where I watched Elimination Chamber instead) playing it. Hence why I’ve been a little MIA.

The game feels a lot sturdier in the current build but it’s still not feeling right as a ‘triple-A’ title of sorts. The voice acting isn’t always on point, the NPCs models aren’t always looking right and they cycle the same gestures over and over as they talk to you. It’s actually kind of annoying to see Rythe do the exact same gestures in order when she’s talking to you about her ‘sexy bad choices'(a phrase I’ll probably use from here on out. Brace yourselves.)

The game is apparently better on controls but I’m stubborn. So I haven’t connected my elite controller to test them out. Flying is terrible on mouse/keyboard but aiming is so much better on my current set up. So there’s that give and take system hard at work.

The game needs a lot of love. That UI has got to be fixed. ASAP. It’s so annoying to navigate and I can’t join Carlos while he’s in a lobby. That’s annoying. There’s also a game-breaking bug when it comes to the first stronghold. If they get too far ahead from a spawn point, some people spawn in an unlockable wall/ledge.

I want to live the game more. I really do but, there’s just a bunch of things that needed to be fixed. When the first delay was announced, I remember being upset like a bunch of the online community who was looking forward to this game. I do think the game could’ve benefitted from another one. The problem is, that it feels like this game was BioWare’s last hurrah as well.

I could be entirely wrong, the game probably will get a bunch of fixes faster than Bungie was able to implement to original Destiny or Destiny 2.

I really hope they prove me wrong. Massive was able to turn around the first Division game around for it to be one of my favorite games in the most recent years. So yeah, there’s that.

Also, I have a HUGE YumeTwins situation update. That’ll be next post. Promise!


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