Okay, so yeah, I should’ve posted this earlier but I was playing KH3 all day today. Well, most of today anyway.

I was up and ready to go as I waited for the MV to be uploaded onto YT.


I’ve been spamming the music video between Kingdom Hearts 3 breaks. I have not been able to stop enjoying the track.

I know where people don’t like it. I can see how much it feels like how disjointed ‘I Got a Boy’ from Girls’ Generation was a couple of years back. It does sound really disjointed but I was already ready for this. The first teaser gave us the ‘Dalla Dalla’ but then Yeji’s teaser was another insight as to how crazy this was gonna be.

I love the track and the dance. I’m eager to learn this one as much as a bunch of other dances. Considering I’ve almost 100% learned ‘Yes or Yes’ at this point I’m not too far off to knocking another off my list. (I do need to finish learning RBB though.)


Honestly, I really dig their whole sound. This isn’t as much of a ‘girl crush concept’ as I expected it to be. That’s the point though. They’re doing their own thing and I really respect that. They’re ‘cute but tough’ and I can totally live with that.

The single doesn’t officially drop until Tuesday morning our time and I am absolutely dying to keep listening to this. The music video isn’t available on Apple Music yet either. WHY? WHY MUST I WAIT?

I can’t wait to hear the coupling track. To me, this is a good debut and I can’t wait to see where these girls go. I hope they keep riding this wave and sound. Let Twice deal with all the cute concepts. It generally suits most of the girls.


Yeji(orange coat) made this track for me. Well, all the girls did honestly.

HWANG YEJI WYLT?! Bring it on Itzy. You’re gonna kill it in 2019.


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